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Start-Up Checklist For Owner Operators

If you're looking at launching a career in trucking you may want a detailed startup checklist for truck owner-operators to help you start your trucking company on the right foot and set it up to succeed long-term. Becoming an owner-operator can be overwhelming if you...

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Best Business Structure For A Trucking Business

Identifying the best business structure is crucial if you’re looking to start a trucking business. Whether you’re planning to venture out as an independent owner-operator or a fleet owner, a good business structure provides the framework under which your trucking...

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Understanding Apportioned License Plates

If you’re a commercial truck driver who regularly crosses state borders, then you might need to get apportioned license plates. It’s also important that you understand IFTA and IRP registration. This might sound like a lot of admin, but it can make your life a lot...

Fuel Efficiency Strategies In Semi-Trucks

  Are you concerned about the rise in diesel fuel prices and looking for fuel-efficiency strategies to cut costs? You’re not alone.  The new truck emissions regulations plus rising fuel costs have many fleet operators and independent truckers looking to increase their...

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How Many Semi-Truck Drivers in the US?

Trucking is the backbone of the American supply chain, but just how big is the industry? In short, the trucking industry is massive, and growing steadily.. Despite rising fuel costs and alternative transport networks, there is an enormous demand for truck drivers....


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