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How Many Accidents Are Caused By Semi-Trucks?

Large trucks, like semi-trucks, are essential in growing the U.S. economy. They’re the backbone of the overland freight transportation industry, which recent statistics indicate is worth over $730 billion. Simultaneously, these large and heavy trucks present a...


How Much Do Commercial Truck Drivers Make?

How much do commercial truck drivers make? If you plan on getting into the trucking business, this is an essential question. Unfortunately, there's no straightforward answer here. Truck driver salaries can vary greatly depending on factors like the type of trucking...

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Hiring A Driver For Your Semi Truck

Hiring a truck driver is no easy business. There are many considerations you need to make when choosing a good driver. This goes beyond their experience and qualifications. You must ensure your trucking business is adequately set up to take on a new driver. Before...


8 Types Of Commercial Truck Driving Jobs

If you’re thinking of starting your career in the trucking industry, this guide is for you. We explore nine types of commercial truck driver jobs and what you need to excel in each position. Understanding this will help you launch your trucking career the right way....

Semi-Truck Driver Gifts for Every Budget

Looking for a gift to appreciate your trucker friends and family this holiday season but unsure what to get? We’ve got you covered. Because of the long hours most truck drivers spend away from their loved ones, they cherish gifts that simplify their on-the-road...

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Salary Structure for Amazon Semi Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers can do many things– including working for Amazon. There's always a strong demand for Amazon truck driver jobs. Whether you're an owner-operator or are looking for consistent employment, then handling deliveries for Amazon could be a good...


Choosing Commercial Truck Driver GPS Systems

Choosing the right commercial truck driver GPS is an essential decision for anyone in the transportation business. Unlike regular car GPS systems, a truck GPS should include extra features and abilities. As truck drivers rely so heavily on their GPS, having a...

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Commercial Vehicle Accident Explained

As a truck driver, commercial vehicle accidents are only too familiar. Nearly 388,000 truck accidents happen annually across the U.S. While you can’t always avoid accidents, you should be well informed on how to deal with them in case they do happen. Knowing what to...


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