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Under most circumstances, Mission will require the following documents to complete the loan process. Additional stipulations may be required on a case by case basis: vehicle pictures, proof of insurance, current driver’s license and/or commercial driver’s license, 10 references, two months of bank statements and a complete telephone bill. To receive a prompt answer within four hours, fax the required documents to 714-221-2746.

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Please Fax Us:

Credit Application
Include name, current address, phone numbers, current employment, current monthly income, previous employment for at least three years, previous commercial financing and any other required information.

Spec Sheet
Include year, make, model, vehicle identification number, actual mileage, engine, transmission type and any accessories.

Purchase Order
Include the cash sales price and applicable fees, including sales tax, DMV fees, dealer fees. We allow up to a $500 dealer document fee to be added to the contract.

Fax to: 714-221-2746

As a common sense lender, Mission is not credit score driven for loan decisions. All credit decisions are based on overall credit, down payment and collateral being financed.

Mission does not sell its own vehicles and our customers are required to locate a vehicle on their own for consideration for underwriting purposes.

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