Dealership Lending

In addition to direct lending, Mission offers dealership lending and is a preferred lender for most national and regional dealerships, including independent and franchise dealers in 28 states. Our centralized underwriting team ensures that we can give you an answer within four hours and typically can get contracts to dealers within 45 minutes.

Mission Financial is a Common Sense lender which means we don’t just look at a credit score but consider a borrowers history of paying on their commercial vehicle loan.

We can get credit scores as low as high 300’s financed and approved in as little as 4 hours and specialize in hard to finance and first time loans.

Mission Financial was founded in 1956 and has been serving the commercial vehicle space all that time so we know personalized service and relationships matter, that’s why our dealers have just one point of contact.

Mission Financial Specializes In:
● First time owner/operator financing
● Drivers with limited experience
● Owner Operator with bad credit, bankruptcies, child support or tax liens
● Small fleets

Our team has years of combined experience and is ready to help secure funding and our services guarantee a rapid response to make sure we get the deal done as efficiently as possible. With our ease of process and timeliness, your customer can have a check in hand in less than an hour. For more information, contact your regional office.

If the dealership does not reside in one of these states, Mission can help facilitate a direct loan for your customer. We will consider all applicants living in the lower 48 states.


Banner, Jason

  • Email: 
  • Phone: (678) 237-1326
  • Regions:
    • Southeast: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi


Smith, Charles

  • Email:
  • Phone: (404) 969-8715
  • Regions:
    • Northeast: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
    • Missouri
    • Great Lakes: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska


Snyder, Ken

  • Email: 
  • Phone: (714) 399-8621
  • Regions:
    • Southwest: Arizona, California, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming
    • Mountain West: Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

As a common sense lender, Mission is not credit score driven for loan decisions. All credit decisions are based on overall credit, down payment and collateral being financed.


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