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Multiple insurance companies offer commercial truck insurance policies, and their terms vary based on several factors. Identifying the best trucking insurance provider from the many options available can be challenging if you’re a new commercial truck driver.

To make things easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the best insurance choices for new truck drivers you should consider.

We weighed how well each company meets the insurance needs of new commercial truck drivers in terms of coverage types, policy customization options, pricing, state and federal filings, customer service, and more.

Commercial Truck Insurance For New Drivers

Tailoring commercial truck insurance is crucial for new drivers. Company truck drivers may not need coverage for equipment breakdown, while lease owner-operators must scrutinize agreements for additional required coverage.

Owner-operators under their authority should ensure comprehensive coverage for their vehicle and cargo to support commercial operations.

General Requirements for New Drivers

Both federal and state laws provide specific guidelines that truck drivers must meet to prove they have sufficient coverage to protect their commercial vehicles if an accident occurs.

These laws vary from state to state, but there are a few general requirements your trucking insurance policy must have, including:

truck crash insurance

Primary Liability Insurance

Primary liability insurance is the minimum auto liability coverage mandated for owner-operators. It provides compensation for bodily injury and physical damage in at-fault accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specific filing requirements for commercial truck drivers, and states set minimum insurance limits for compensation. Check your state’s requirements before purchasing to determine your commercial truck insurance cost.

Physical Damage Coverage

Physical damage insurance protects commercial vehicles against several risks while on the road. These risks include collisions, theft, vandalism, physical damage due to harsh weather, and more.

You can purchase physical damage liability insurance in two ways:

  • As collision coverage to cover your truck after crashes
  • As comprehensive coverage to protect your truck against all collision and non-collision losses, including fires, theft, vandalism, bad weather, you name it.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers bodily injuries and physical damages involving your trucking business but unrelated to driving your truck. It covers incidents from your day-to-day commercial operations, like loading delivery errors and slip-and-fall accidents.

Non-trucking Liability Coverage

Non-trucking liability insurance covers you when driving your truck for non-business purposes.

hazard insurance

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Motor truck cargo insurance is vital for freight transportation, particularly hazardous cargo. Coverage requirements vary by state; in Mississippi, which has affordable commercial truck insurance, hazmat transporters need a minimum of $5M, while household goods movers require $300,000.

In addition to the general requirements above, new drivers can benefit from several optional insurance coverage options. Some include rental reimbursement, medical payments, and trailer interchange insurance. Check out our comprehensive guide on commercial vehicle insurance to learn more about this.

Best 5 Commercial Truck Insurance Providers for New Drivers

The best commercial truck insurance companies for new drivers have several features. They meet state insurance liability requirements for different commercial vehicles, offer discounts to help you save on monthly premiums, provide assistance in filing several federal and state paperwork, and have stellar customer service.

With this in mind, here are the top 5 commercial trucking insurance carriers to consider if you’re a new driver:

1. Progressive Commercial Insurance Company

Progressive Insurance, with a solid nationwide reputation, provides comprehensive commercial truck insurance for various vehicles, including optional coverage like garage keepers liability and roadside assistance.

The company handles insurance needs, from filing documents to assisting with liability claims.

Note, however, that primary liability coverage is restricted in Hawaii, Louisiana, Alaska, and New York for owner-operators with an operating radius over 500 miles.

You must also liaise with an agent to purchase coverage, even though the website provides detailed info about the company’s policy offerings.

roadside assistance


  • Being one of the largest and oldest insurance companies, progressive offers competitive pricing for new and experienced drivers.
  • Offers several discounts to reduce monthly payments, including discounts for using electronic logging gadgets and bundling multiple coverage types
  • Offer free online insurance quotes.


  • Some coverage options are limited to the driver’s operating radius.
  • New drivers may not qualify for some discounts.

2. Nationwide Insurance Company

Nationwide is another highly-ranked commercial truck insurance company that offers several coverage options. On top of all essential coverage, Nationwide provides specialty coverage options for specific types of motor truck cargo and trucks not offered by most competitors. The company also has specialized pricing for new drivers, plus discounts for using anti-theft devices.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable specialty coverage that most competitors don’t provide
  • Online quotes are available
  • Tailored pricing for new drivers and discounts


  • You can only purchase insurance through a local agent
  • Coverage has higher monthly premiums than other insurance carriers
  • It’s not available in some states.

customer service

3. Sentry Insurance

Unlike Progressive and Nationwide insurance carriers, Sentry specializes in commercial trucking coverage. The company only caters to the commercial insurance needs of truckers. It has in-house insurance claim adjusters who are trucking specialists.


  • Excellent customer service team with professional experts on commercial truck insurance coverage
  • Offers flexible coverage for new and experienced drivers
  • Available in all states
  • They have a user-friendly online portal for making monthly payments and filing claims


  • Services are available through local agents only
  • They don’t offer online quotes.

4. Lancer Insurance

Lancer Insurance Company is highly sought after for its customer-centric approach. With a team of independent agents, it connects trucking companies and owner-operators with tailored commercial truck insurance.

The company’s call center operates 24/7, offering around-the-clock claims reporting and coverage maintenance. Additionally, they provide free towing for damaged trucks after covered accidents through their commercial auto and garage system.


  • Responsive customer service with a 24/7 call center
  • Handles claims in-house
  • Free towing if you get involved in an accident covered in your policy


  • Although licensed nationwide, not all coverage options are available in each state.

mobile app

5. Evolution Insurance Brokers

Evolution Insurance offers commercial truck insurance to high-risk entities. By high risk, we mean owner-operators who haul hazardous cargo, those with poor driving records, and those with previous criminal or other legal records. The company is well-versed in the trucking industry and can advise on the best specialized high-risk coverage options for such trucking businesses.


  • Offers a range of specialized trucking insurance options that meet the needs of various short and long-haul trucking businesses.
  • It has an easy-to-use mobile app for fast claims reporting and more.


  • Average pricing on coverage is higher compared to most competitors

What Commercial Truck Insurance Does Not Cover

Most commercial truck insurance providers have a list of commercial truck operations and items they don’t cover. These exclusions differ per insurer. It’s advisable to confirm whether an insurance company has any exclusions before signing up with them. A few of these may be:

  • Intentional damage – commercial insurance companies don’t cover injuries or damages as a result of deliberate harm to third parties or their property
  • Personal property of drivers
  • Business property in the vehicle involved in a covered accident

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best commercial truck insurance, consider your current and future business needs. You want to purchase a policy that fits your business like a glove and offers enough room to expand your business operations.

All the insurance choices on our list provide the necessary commercial insurance new drivers need, and their customer service is supportive.

When comparing quotes from multiple insurers, there are several critical features you need to look for. Check out our detailed guide on everything you need to know about commercial truck insurance for small businesses for more on this.

You can also visit our blog to learn more about commercial insurance, including how much trucking insurance costs.

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