Choosing a career can be quite challenging. With so many options out there, finding a suitable job can take significant trial and error.

For those seeking security, stability, and comfortable wages, commercial truck driving can be a productive path forward for motivated individuals. Offering a great career that pairs excitement with prestige, commercial truck driving can be the ticket to a happy, healthy life. Here are five reasons to consider a job on the road.


A Comfortable Living

Financial security is often a primary driver behind career choice, especially for those who have families and obligations that require a steady income. Commercial trucking can offer you the stability you seek, boasting salaries that go above and beyond national averages.

With starting wages around $40,000 per year with increases based on seniority, mileage, and routes driven, commercial trucking can provide a comfortable way of life. Furthermore, trucking salaries often come with perks like 401(k)s and health insurance, keeping you and your family covered.


Job Security

With the unstable state of the economy, downsizing is increasingly common. Few careers are impervious to layoffs and restructuring, and commercial trucking offers security that few other professions can rival. With an increase in demand across a wide range of industries, trucking jobs are on the upswing.

If you need a job with a near-guaranteed level of stability, trucking is a wonderful option. With a multitude of companies and firms to choose from, finding a trucking route that suits your unique needs can be a simple process.


Minimal Requirements

Many of the best paying and most stable jobs require extensive education, including a pricey bachelor’s degree or an even more expensive investment in a graduate program. Trucking, however, does not entail four years of additional schooling.

In many companies, a high school diploma or GED, a commercial driver’s license, a clean criminal history, and a passed drug test are among the only requirements for a trucking job. For those who meet the minimum, it’s fairly easy to secure a desirable role.


Travel Opportunities

Far too many jobs keep employees stranded at the office, working long hours behind a desk. For those with a desire to travel and see the countryside, this can be extremely frustrating.

Commercial trucking provides a vast and varying landscape of opportunity, sending truckers down the street and across the nation. Perfectly suited for those with a love of adventure, trucking makes it possible to explore some of the most impressive destinations in the U.S. while still earning a paycheck.


Flexibility and Freedom

In an office environment, your boss is often responsible for every facet of your day-to-day life. Breaks, meals and meeting times are dictated for you, keeping you behind your desk until you’re permitted to get up or go home.

On the road, you are effectively your own boss. How far you drive, when you break, when you eat, and when you sleep aren’t managed by anyone else, allowing you to plan your own days in ways that are right for you.

While there are pros and cons to every career path, commercial trucking offers several distinct advantages. From a comfortable salary to easy and affordable employment requirements, it’s possible to find a fun and flexible fit that’s right for you and your family.


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